The members of our Union staffed at the Natrium processing plant in West Virginia have been under attack for the last few months with Dominion attempting to hand the operations over to a non-Union Company (Blue Racer LLC) and declare the employee’s at the facility as eligible for surplussing and eliminating the Union positions. Dominion has retained a 50% ownership of the facility and the Union has taken the position that Dominion still has to maintain a Local 69 Union workforce and cannot simply walk away.  We currently have a Labor charge filed and the outcome will be decided by a 3rd party. With the issue pending, our Brothers and Sisters at the facility could use the membership’s support, and with that, we have declared January 6th as a day of support for the Natrium Union members. We are asking each member at all our locations in WV, PA, OH, NY, MD, AND VA wear a Union T-Shirt in support on this day. Contact your Steward if you need clothing.  




The Union’s Executive Board has voted to continue the MEMBERSHIP ADVISORY COMMITTEE.  This committee was initially created to help the Union’s leadership communicate between itself and the membership. It has since morphed into a group of people willing to tackle such issues as Union branding, contract negotiation prep, community awareness and involvement, and various other tasks.  The committee is designed to have a representative from each of the areas throughout our Local.  Currently the Chairperson for that committee is Mr. Rick Kimbler ( and I encourage each of you to contact Rick to find out who your local representative is and take advantage of this committee.




Announcing the appointment of Jenny Davis, as the newly appointed Director of Region 6. Ms. Davis has a vast level of experience and training to provide to the members and will make a viable Executive Board member. This appointment is effective immediately and is subject to Board approval. Please welcome Jenny and give her your support.




The Union’s Executive Board voted to perform a Treasury procedure audit of the financial procedures and records of the Union. This was due to the direct result of previous training provided by our National and the desire of our Union Leadership to be Transparent and efficient. The President appointed an Audit committee and in the month of November the audit was performed. The rules and procedures used to perform the audit were provided by UWUA National Treasurer Secretary Gary Ruffner. The committee worked for two days diligently going over our financial procedures and records including Dues deposits, Strike fund deposits, LM2 and Tax reporting and much more. Once concluded the committee gave our Treasury a very good report, full disclosure of the report has been submitted and accepted by the Executive Board, any member can view the report. Members are welcome to view any financial statement/record the Union has including the LM2’s which account for every penny spent by the Union. “We work hard to make sure members’ dues are spent in a responsible way and want to be transparent and efficient as it is the membership’s money” Kevin Parsons UGWU Local 69 Treasurer.



We would like to take a moment and talk about some of the accomplishments of the 2014 year.  Our first challenge was to address the entire grievance procedure as in how we store, track, and handle any grievances filed.  We have since adopted an electronic back-up system and grievance criteria that only helps ensure you have the best case possible.  Secondly, we immediately looked into improving the way we communicate as an organization to its membership.  We emphasize the use of our Facebook and Webpages as well as direct communication with your Stewards.  We also provided an extensive training session for all your Stewards.  Our goal was to make each Steward more efficient and be better equipped to represent each of you.  Regionally, we addressed 12 hour shifts at Finnefrock, convinced the Company to hire Casuals in Hope Gas instead of contractors, resolved numerous pending Arbitration cases in the Union’s favor, and most recently addressing the ongoing Natrium issue.  These are just a fraction of the items we have worked on.  We anticipate being even busier in 2015. 

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Vice President

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Region 1 Director

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Region 2 Director

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Region 3 Director

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Region 4 Director

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Region 6 Director

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