We have new t-shirts for sale, contact your Steward, Director, or Officer for details. The costs are $11.00 each (no profit is made). These shirts are Union/American made. The back is displayed on the left, there is also an American flag on the sleeve and our logo on the front pocket. They look great!  Of course we also still have the original blue and yellow t-shirts and some blue and yellow baseball caps for sale as well.


Mid-term Bargaining


The Company and the Union have scheduled Mid-Term Bargaining for July 23rd and 24th.  We are reaching out to the membership to bring forth your requests as to things you would like to see the Union bargain for.  We would like to concentrate on some possible “language” changes as these are some things that we do not normally get a chance to address in normal negotiations.  As Mr. Bradford has stated, it is time to take YOUR Union back and exercise your right as a Union member.  Please give this some thought, and pass any ideas you may have to your Steward.


Region tours are nowhere near complete. Normally these meetings start in late summer or fall. This year we started early in an effort to go and meet the membership. We have 6 different regional tours and so far here is what has been completed:
Reg 1 (Hope gas)- Complete
Reg 2- 90% Complete
Reg 3- 0% Complete
Reg 4- 20% Complete
Reg 5- 0% Complete
Reg 6- 0% Complete
As you can see we still have a lot of tours to complete, our plan is to continue tours at the end of the month starting with either 3 or 5. Our hope is we can complete the majority of these by the Mid Term Bargaining date. Details will be posted and communicated...



 The members should be glad and excited that the Stewards who represent them are now a highly trained motivated group as they have completed the 3 day course and have been awarded a certificate of completion. With this they are now trained in grievance handling, contract basics, past practice, Union history, Arbitration preparation, communications, and much more.... From all indications the Stewards were excited and confident in their training.  During the 3 day training there were numerous guest speakers, multiple opportunities to actively participate in the training and on the final day the Stewards tested their memory skills with a game of Union Jeopardy.  We would not only like to thank all those that attended the training, but the members back at their locations that support the Stewards as they take on this responsibility.

Craig Bradford


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Jason Boyce

Vice President

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Jenny Davis


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Debbie Syck


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J.R. Groves

Region 1 Director

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Kevin Cunningham

Region 2 Director

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Thomas Hamric

Region 3 Director

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Taylor Brown

Region 4 Director

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Levi Torrey

Region 5 Director

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John Sizemore

Region 6 Director

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Tony Rine

Region 7 Director

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