In November of last year we provided each member, who returned a card, a free Union t-shirt, we also provide a t-shirt to each new hire and we currently have American/Union made t-shirts for sale at $11.00-$13.00 each. We are going to begin Mid-Term Bargaining starting on July 23rd, I would like to declare July 23 as Union shirt day in support of the Union's negotiating team and hope each and every employee would wear their Union shirt for the day. I am sure it would mean a lot to the team and the Executive Board if the members could do this in a show of support. Contact your Steward or Director if you do not have a shirt to wear and they can make it happen. Also check the Union’s website ( for shirt order information.







On June 17, the Membership Advisory Committee, had their chairperson, Mr. Rick Kimbler, put on an excellent presentation for the Executive Board as to what they have been working on.  Rick discussed ideas on promoting our Union to the Pubic using billboards, options to utilize a “One Call System” in which the Union can send out mass texts/voicemails/emails to the membership to aid in communications, offered any assistance in filling any vacancies the Union may have in the future, and provided information on restructuring the Union’s Regions if the Board so wished.  Some of the ideas that Mr. Kimbler presented, have already been implemented by the governing body. “All-in-all it was refreshing to see the Committee taking their role seriously and providing us with some great suggestions and ideas as to what the membership may need moving forward”, said Secretary Jason Boyce.  If you should have any ideas for the MAC, please contact one of their members and let them know.  We are sure they would appreciate it!



Details provided for a possible new Dominion Transmission pipeline are as follows:

The Company is currently in the planning/exploring the possible construction of a 560 mile 42" pipeline starting in Weston WV and running to South of Richmond VA and turning and going into North Carolina. The pipeline will also have compression, keep in mind this is not 100% done and is again in the development stages… Just wanted to pass on some positive news.



As you may or may not know, the Union is required to notify the Company by July 1’st of every year as to what portion of an employee’s medical premium the V.E.B.A. is going to supplement.  After carefully analyzing the Union’s V.E.B.A account, the Executive Board has determined that the V.E.B.A. cannot, at this point, cover any additional increases the active employees will incur in 2015.  However, the V.E.B.A. will continue to cover the entire premiums of all retirees, as this is the main purpose of the account.  Please look for a letter being sent out by President Bradford explaining this in greater detail.  Included in this letter will be a cost breakdown of all the medical plans.



1. To be required to provide a Doctors Excuse an employee must miss more than 7 consecutive days (this would include rest days and weekends if they are in the middle of the time missed).
2. Employees are not required to sign up for FMLA unless they choose to do so.
3. Upgrade should be charged by all employees for tasks performed that fall under a higher pay grade for the employee (consult the Job Descriptions and Steward).
4. When denied an upgrade by a Supervisor a written notice should be provided to the employee by the Supervisor indicating what adjustment was made.

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