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When will I be required to turn in a doctor's excuse?


When using your "sick time", you are not required to turn in a doctor's slip for abscences less than 5 days


I have to report to a location other than my payroll location, do I get mileage for this?


If required to report to a payroll location from your home that is 10 miles further than your normal payroll location you are to be paid mileage and time from your home to the temporary payroll location


Can I require my supervisor to post an overtime list and if so how often?


Yes you can and should require your supervisor to post a monthly overtime report at each location for employees to view and be used as a guide to distribute overtime evenly.  This report should be updated monthly.


Can I require my supervisor to post an inspector's list?


No, you cannot require your supervisor to post an inspector's list.  However, inspector's lists are to be maintained and updated by local supervision and available upon request to view.


Is overtime distributed by seniority?


No.  Overtime is distributed using the montly overtime list as a guide amoung those that normally perform the work.


Does using Dependent Care reset your sick time 6 month clock?


No.  Using dependent care will not reset your 6 month sick time clock.


How much paid time off will I receive if I adopt or have a child?


The mother, father, or both will receive up to 3 weeks of paid time off.


How many days do I have to file a grievance?


Normally you will have 20 days from the date the infraction occured except when dealing with discipline and job selection, you will have 10 days from the date the infraction occured to schedule an informal grievance.


How are training opportunities and upgrades issued?


Training opportunities and upgrades are assigned/offered on a seniority basis

Jason Boyce


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Vice President Majority

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Vice President Minority

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Region 1 Director

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Region 3 Director

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Region 4 Director

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Region 5 Director

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Region 6 Director

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Region 7 Director

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