2014 SPECIAL STEWARD TRAINING - 5/20/14 – 5/22/14
It is with great excitement that we are announcing the 2014 Special Steward Training Seminar. The training Seminar is a great opportunity for all Stewards. Upon completion, each Steward will be instilled with the tools, training and resources that they will need to represent, communicate, orientate and educate the members they represent. The seminar will include courses on the following, grievance handling; resources; contract basics; rights of stewards; duties of stewards; arbitration; past practice; Union history; orientation of new members. We have also scheduled 4 special guests/speakers. This training/seminar should be historic and provide each Steward an experience that will allow them to succeed and prosper in their duties.
Mid-term bargaining The Company and the Union are looking to enter into Mid-Term Bargaining sometime in June or July. For those of you not familiar with the term “Mid-Term Bargaining”, it means we are going to meet about midway through the length of our existing contract and possibly open up negotiations on issues that either party might be interested in bargaining on. Neither party would be obligated to do so. If there are issues, or language changes you would like to see made in the contract, please contact someone on the Executive Board and let them know.
Recently, we have had some additions to our Team due to retirements, promotions and vacancies. We would like to take the time to recognize those individuals willing to stand up and get involved in our Union!! Please give all these individuals your support, we are sure they would appreciate it.First, we would like to acknowledge Mr. Dave Hammond for taking on the responsibility of Director of Region 3, filling Mr. Mike Turner’s vacancy due to retirement. Since taking office, Dave has filled his vacancy as a Steward of Weston G&P with Mr. Gary Smith. Secondly, Mr. Robert Rehnert has accepted the vacant Steward position at Salem G & P. Also stepping up for Region 3 is Mr. Thomas Hamric, he is replacing Mr. Randy Taylor upon his retirement. Last but not least, we appreciate Ms. Jenny Springer for stepping up and taking the Steward position in District 40 G.O.B.Again, we appreciate the individuals taking an active role in our Union. With the proper training, support, and directive, we are positive they will be a great addition to our Team.



Another fantastic meeting was held today at Leesburg. Some great questions were presented on the VEBA and working conditions. These members traditionally challenge the Officers and Director with tough, sincere questions and today’s meeting was no different. "This is the first time in my 35 year career that I can say I am proud to be a Union member and would gladly standup for it going forth, this meeting was informative, very professional, everyone felt free to speak up and voice their opinion, we are headed in the right direction" Danny Rummel Operator Chambersburg. I want to convey the Officers’ and Director’s appreciation for the treatment and respect we received from the Leesburg membership. PROUD TO BE UNION AND PROUD OF OUR UNION!!!

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