Dear Union Sister or Brother,


It is time for our annual Joint Representative Council to be held at the Bridgeport Conference Center.  This year’s council will be held on January 20th and January 21st.  The morning of the first day we will be meeting with the Company and the Area Safety Teams. The remainder of that day and the 2nd day will be dedicated to matters concerning the Representative Council.  Keep in mind that we will be furnishing breakfast for you on these days so please abstain from the continental breakfast provided by the Wingate. During these days, we need to take this opportunity to propose by-law changes and to conduct business in accordance with the By-laws. We will also be reviewing and voting on various contract proposals. If you are interested in submitting any by-law changes or contract proposals yourself, and need help in doing so, please contact your Director or an Officer and they will be more than happy to assist you.


Secretary Baston will be receiving the online registrations and any questions should be sent to her or your Director.  It is imperative that you sign up immediately as we have a short time to prepare for this meeting.  Also if you are absolutely unable to attend, you can send your back-up steward in your place.

Craig Bradford


(304) 282-4897

Jason Boyce

Vice President

(724) 689-6809

Jenny Davis


(304) 838-3611

Debbie Syck


(304) 871-1177

J.R. Groves

Region 1 Director

(304) 629-3235

Kevin Cunningham

Region 2 Director

(304) 482-4489

Thomas Hamric

Region 3 Director

(304) 266-4553

Taylor Brown

Region 4 Director

(215) 827-9341

Levi Torrey

Region 5 Director

(814) 203-6197

John Sizemore

Region 6 Director

(304) 838-4506

Tony Rine

Region 7 Director

(304) 709-2525