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On behalf of your Union Sisters and Brothers throughout HOPE Gas and BHE GT&S in the states of New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia, WELCOME!


Please take some time to look around and get aqainted with your local's webpage.  You will find a varitey of information including but not limited to, your labor contract, your negotiated benefits, a copy of your by-laws which govern your union, various news articles, contact information, etc.  There is also a link on the home page to your local's Facebook page.  There you will find up-to-date information on what is going on in your local. 


We encourage you to take an active role in your membership and take advantage of all it has to offer.  You will have numerous opportunities to attend union meetings and functions, vote on issues that may directly effect your working conditions, volunteer for various leadership roles and committees.


Again, we congratulate you on becoming a member of the United Gas Workers' Union Local 69 and look forward to meeting you soon!



Jason Boyce


(724) 689-6809

Jenny Davis

Vice President Majority

(304) 838-3611

Kevin Cunningham

Vice President Minority

(304) 482-4489

Taylor Brown


(215) 827-9341

Debbie Syck


(304) 871-1177

J.R. Groves

Region 1 Director

(304) 629-3235

Jan Tennant

Region 2 Director


Thomas Hamric

Region 3 Director

(304) 266-4553

Vern Stewart

Region 4 Director

(814) 952-0232

Lance Wright

Region 5 Director

(814) 203-0865

John Sizemore

Region 6 Director

(304) 838-4506

Derek Metz

Region 7 Director

(304) 543-2153

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